Dancing Light Personal Lighting

Being seen, is being safe.

Your own festival of lights, keeping you safe and sound!

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Dancing Light Personal LightStips Safety with style, with fun, with piece of mind. The lightstrip can shine in solid primary colors or stream in innumerable patterns of light.

Dancing Light Personal Lightstips can be easily attached to children’s backpacks, their bikes, helmets, let your imagination be your guide. Or, you could attach one to your handbag when you go out at night. Your bag will shine with jewel like LEDs, to light your way.


  • Connects to power source with standards USB connector.
  • Power Source (Not Included): 5 volt DC, (5 volt AC to DC Adapter or 5 volt Battery Pack)
    • 5 volt Mobile Phone Power Banks work well.
  • The light strip can be attached to bags, bikes, helmets and many other things; using velcro strips that come with every Dancing Light Personal LightStrips.

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Website: DLArray.com