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A Smile Can Mean a Lot To Someone

I have never seen the snow this low on the mountains, here in SO Cal. It made me feel exhilarated.

It also seems inspired others to stop for a moment and enjoy being outside. When I pulled into a parking lot to take a photo, there was already someone else taking the same photo!

Perhaps the snow lifted other peoples spirits. After dropping my son off at daycare, I went for a run. I saw five or six other people running and one person doing aerobic dance in a park. This is very unusual.

I felt like I was in China again. Where people exercise in the parks, in the morning. Except the people I saw weren’t retirees. They ranged in age from college age, to middle age, to me.

The college age runners, waiting for a traffic light, smiled and said hello to me, as I strode pass. It made my day!

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Dancing Light Any Time

I run in the mornings so I like when we fall back to Daylight Real Time. But many people workout in the evening, or get home in the dark now.

Dancing Light Personal Lights help you be seen and light your way home in living color.

Safety when exercising, 
showing lights in use
Being seen is being safe. Do it in style! With Dancing Light Personal LIghting
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Personal LightStrips from Dancing Light Array

Being seen, is being safe.

Your own festival of lights, keeping you safe and sound!

Dancing Light Personal LightStips Safety with style, with fun, with piece of mind. The lightstrip can shine in solid primary colors or stream in innumerable patterns of light.

Dancing Light Personal Lightstips can be easily attached to children’s backpacks, their bikes, helmets, let your imagination be your guide. Or, you could attach one to your handbag when you go out at night. Your bag will shine with jewel like LEDs, to light your way.