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Enjoy Earth Day!

With Dancing Light Energy!
Because everyday should be 🌎 Day.

Enjoy Earth Day, splash in a puddle!
Enjoy Earth Day, take the train and ride a bike!
Enjoy Earth Day, let the wild flowers go wild!
Enjoy Earth Day, have fun with energy efficient lighting and appliances!
Enjoy Earth Day, breath some fresh air!
Enjoy Earth Day, be smarter use solar shingles to protect your roof!
Enjoy Earth Day, let Mother Nature’s inspire art!
Enjoy Earth Day, think different, think clean energy!
Enjoy Earth Day, smell the flowers!
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I Hate Daylight Saving Time! But . . .

If the sun doesn’t have to get up, neither do I. But with strategic placement of a light strip, I have a sunrise. It works, I was all the way down the stairs and heading outside before I realized the sun was NOT up.

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What’s Your Mood?

Dancing Light Array’s Personal Lighting, helps your home change with your mood.

Since each color LED can be controlled individually, you can use a solid color, or . . .
you can use many, many running patterns to liven your mood.

With their USB connector DL Array Personal Lighting strips can light up any little space and make them dance.

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Dancing Light Cup On NCECA Cup Auction – Sold

Check out the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts annual cup auction. Not only can you have a chance to buy my Dancing Cup of Light, there are also some really great cups from clay artist from across the country. The auction benefits NCECA’s fund to students and artists through fellowships, residencies, and scholarships. Click NCECA Cup Auction here to see for your self.

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Wake to a New Morning Light

As the dark days of winter approach, brighten your office and home with Dancing Light Personal lighting. Just by changing your lighting or your customer’s lighting, you can help wash dreary thoughts away.

– Do your customer’s office look like a scene from a movie dystopia, do employees find themselves day dreaming of tropical islands?
– Do your customer’s home offices shout at them under an interrogation spot light, blinding everyone. Or does the room resemble a cave, with lighting too dim to see.
– Lighting can help energize people to greater achievement or it can make everyone tired, grumpy and unproductive. The former is preferred.

Strip lights offer Efficiency, Intelligence and the Flexibility to put light where you want, the way you want it and when you want it. Contact us to learn more about using Dancing Light Personal StripLighting to brighten your customer’s lives. You can also visit our store to try our products yourself.

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Beware Evil Doers!

DL Array lights do more than dance!

A light sword using a Dancing Light LightStrip!

If you would like to have your own sword/magic wand/cool tube that lights up. You can even make a light staff (white only right now). Contact me and I will help you out!, white Dancing Light Toy in the subject line.

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Lighting That is Your Shape

Lighting where you want it when you want it. Place small light strips flush with existing trim or lay on shelf surface above eye level.

This second image of this room with the pictures and fan is using a 1 meter (~3 ft) light strip that lights 5.5m (12ft) by 7.5m (16ft) room; using 12 watts of power. Total time for instillation less than a hour.

The best part is if I want to tomorrow I can put the light strip on the window and create my own early sunrise.