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What bothered me about this past election?

The lack of respect on all sides, the lack of community, within communities, that is what bothered me. While I understand campaigns and elections are all about impressions, it would be nice if a few more candidates could reveal a bit more of themselves. One candidate did that and he got elected. He actually did way better than he should have.

The only problem with that is he revealed how ruthless he was and was proud of it. He is divisive and proud of it. He picks the most powerful side, tells them how beleaguered they are, then lashes into everyone else with venom. He pits one side against another, no matter how much they need each other; depend on each other.

Trying to break whatever holds a community together.

The people who voted for, any, of the candidates are good and decent people. We have to see that; remember that. For eight year Obama tried to break down barriers that separated people, he tried to push legislation that promoted our unity, our shared concerns. This legislation was not perfect nor was finish. It was a beginning. It was a glimmer of hope in a very complex, big and somewhat scary world, where our shared responsibility if crucial.

To those who are successful, remember where your success comes from. For those who are wary of the coming year, remember you have each other and that, you are, a majority, remember that sharing is what got you this far, Remember that people are not your enemy ignorance is; fear is, as Churchill said it.

Remember that strength comes from community and that community comes from sharing.

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What is Community?

A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.  Google Search Definition Is commonly considered a social unit (a group of people) who have something in common, such as norms, values, identity . . .  . . . it often has a sense of place that is situated in a given geographical area (e.g. a village, town, or neighborhood). Wikipedia Community can be explored in three different ways; place, ideas and communion.

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Come On People Now

Just exactly when did the United States stop being great!? What made us great?
Sharing made us great and community will keep us that way.

“Come on people now,
Smile on your brother,
Everybody get together,
Try to love one another,
Right now”

It all about Community.

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Healthy Community Design

From the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

There are many ways to create a healthy community here are some thought from the CDC.

The way we design and build our communities can affect our physical and mental health. This fact sheet explains healthy community design and its health benefits.

What Is Healthy Community Design?
Healthy community design is planning and designing communities that make it easier for people to live healthy lives. Healthy community design offers important benefits:

  1. • Decreases dependence on the automobile by building homes, businesses, schools, churches and parks closer to each other so that people can more easily walk or bike between them.
  2. • Provides opportunities for people to be physically active and socially engaged as part of their daily routine, improving the physical and mental health of its citizens.
  3. • Allows persons, if they choose, to age in place and remain all their lives in a community that reflects their changing lifestyles and changing physical capabilities.

What Are the Health Benefits of Healthy Community Design?
Healthy community design can provide many advantages:

  1. • Promote physical activity.
  2. • Improve air quality.
  3. • Lower risk of injuries.
  4. • Increase social connection and sense of community.
  5. • Reduce contributions to climate change.

What Are Some Healthy Community Design Principles?

Healthy community design includes a variety of principles:

  1. • Encourage mixed land use and greater land density to shorten distances between homes, workplaces, schools and recreation so people can walk or bike more easily to them.
  2. • Provide good mass transit to reduce the dependence upon automobiles.
  3. • Build good pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, including sidewalks and bike paths that are safely removed from automobile traffic as well as good right of way laws and clear,
    easy-to-follow signage.
  4. • Ensure affordable housing is available for people of all income levels.
  5. • Create community centers where people can gather and mingle as part of their daily activities.
  6. • Offer access to green space and parks.

Designing and building healthy communities can improve the quality of life for all people who live, work, worship, learn, and play within their borders—where every person is free to make
choices amid a variety of healthy, available, accessible, and affordable options.

For more information, go to

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Why Community?

This is where I will try to find the latest thinking on creating; Healthy, Environmentally Friendly, Vibrant communities with compassion.

I will post articles, ideas, questions (questions are the foundation of discovery and progress), poems and thoughts on how to create and build community that works for all.

To write a post for this section, you must join this online community, by sending me an email at:

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