International Copy Editing

I worked in Nanjing, China, as a copy editor plus doing almost anything else in which  a native knowledge of English was required.

I offer copy editing services specific to International businesses wanting to do business in the United States. These services are offered at:

  • $15 per page of English copy, all pages you supply must be;
  • Text format only
  • Use 11pt. Times New Roman font,
  • Single spaced
    • This is equivalent to approximately 500 words in English
    • To put this into context. Most B2B websites, on, only have 2 to 3 pages of text on them.
  • Jobs over 5 pages will be negotiated.
  • Please give 3 to 5 days lead time for jobs of 3 pages or less
    • This is because syntax and idioms used in Chinese and English can be very different and can cause misunderstanding.
    • Plus, due to the time difference between China and LA, is there is always a time lag to account for.

Other marketing services are also available, such as writing original copy for everything from Banner Ads to Technical Manuals. These services would be negotiated according to their complexity. Please see our services page by clicking this link.