Group Buying Page

Joining together as a group to secure needed supplies, through economies of scale.
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How Group Ordering is done.
Group Ordering Initiator(usually the Lead Member) – Member who want to meet a Minimum Order (MOQ) of a product for it to be cost effective, but they may not need or want that many units.
They can post a request for other members to join in on a group purchase. They also should set a time limit on there requests.
Other members see the post and join in the on order. Emails are sent to the Lead Member member to keep them informed on the progress of the order. They are the usually the only ones who know who all the members are and of course everyone will know who the Initiator (Lead) Member who post the order is.*
Joining Member – Members join in on the order, the MOQ will be met and the Lead Members – Member makes the order, receives it and sends it to the other members. You can leave the group order but you need to inform the Lead Member.
Lead Member – (usually the Group Initiator) – Member is responsible for securing payment from the Joining Members. It is possible for someone to take over this roll, but other members in the order will be informed and have the option to leave the group order.

This process depends on communication. Everyone involved needs to keep their intentions know to those depending on them or the process falls apart.
DL Array (that’s me) will assist in the communication between the members, by posting the original order, sending emails or messages between members on the progress of the orders.
*In the beginning DL Array will also be able to tell who everyone is that is involved in the Ordering Process.

A Group Ordering Member, needs to meet a Minimum Order (MOQ) of a product, for it to be cost effective. They post a request for other members to join in a group purchase or to supply as a group.


Group Order Initiators (leaders) must agree to;

  1. —This product can be used by either buyers or suppliers
  2. —Deliver products to members who join the order —
  3. They negotiate with supplier or buyer
  4. —They handle financial transactions —
  5. They may need to be bonded or use our escrow —
  6. These members will be the foundation of the Distributor Members in Phase 2

Group Order Initiators can;

—Specify region they can deliver to; example Only the EU, World Wide, Only within one country