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Buildings as Living Organisms

I just watched a video of building being demolitions and the 1st person thing that came to mind was Neri Oxman’s, Mediated Matter research.Instead of demolishing buildings and creating scrap piles.

She is researching ways to make buildings biodegradable and building into structures a finite “life” span. Almost like making a structure into a living organism.

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Enjoy Earth Day!

With Dancing Light Energy!
Because everyday should be 🌎 Day.

Enjoy Earth Day, splash in a puddle!
Enjoy Earth Day, take the train and ride a bike!
Enjoy Earth Day, let the wild flowers go wild!
Enjoy Earth Day, have fun with energy efficient lighting and appliances!
Enjoy Earth Day, breath some fresh air!
Enjoy Earth Day, be smarter use solar shingles to protect your roof!
Enjoy Earth Day, let Mother Nature’s inspire art!
Enjoy Earth Day, think different, think clean energy!
Enjoy Earth Day, smell the flowers!
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Wake to a New Morning Light

As the dark days of winter approach, brighten your office and home with Dancing Light Personal lighting. Just by changing your lighting or your customer’s lighting, you can help wash dreary thoughts away.

– Do your customer’s office look like a scene from a movie dystopia, do employees find themselves day dreaming of tropical islands?
– Do your customer’s home offices shout at them under an interrogation spot light, blinding everyone. Or does the room resemble a cave, with lighting too dim to see.
– Lighting can help energize people to greater achievement or it can make everyone tired, grumpy and unproductive. The former is preferred.

Strip lights offer Efficiency, Intelligence and the Flexibility to put light where you want, the way you want it and when you want it. Contact us to learn more about using Dancing Light Personal StripLighting to brighten your customer’s lives. You can also visit our store to try our products yourself.