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Brighten the Room, Gradually

With people spending more time inside, it helps to improve the indoor environment. Changing the lighting as the day progresses, is a good way to start.

Using our Dancing Light Personal Lighting strips in a room brings that feeling of the great outdoors, into the room. Instead of a point source of light creating glares, hot spots and shadows, light strips wash a wall, ceiling or the windows with light. They turn anything, such as a shelf or a cabinet, even sculpture into a light.

So next time you need to light up a room, consider Dancing Light Personal Lighting. If you are unsure about using light strips for the first time contact us and we will help you out; we have an office in Montclair, CA.

We are building up our next group order with our suppliers now, to keep everyone’s costs in line. So contact us and we will add your order to the list.

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