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Beware Evil Doers!

DL Array lights do more than dance!

A light sword using a Dancing Light LightStrip!

If you would like to have your own sword/magic wand/cool tube that lights up. You can even make a light staff (white only right now). Contact me and I will help you out!, white Dancing Light Toy in the subject line.

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Lighting That is Your Shape

Lighting where you want it when you want it. Place small light strips flush with existing trim or lay on shelf surface above eye level.

This second image of this room with the pictures and fan is using a 1 meter (~3 ft) light strip that lights 5.5m (12ft) by 7.5m (16ft) room; using 12 watts of power. Total time for instillation less than a hour.

The best part is if I want to tomorrow I can put the light strip on the window and create my own early sunrise.

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Brighten the Room, Gradually

With people spending more time inside, it helps to improve the indoor environment. Changing the lighting as the day progresses, is a good way to start.

Using our Dancing Light Personal Lighting strips in a room brings that feeling of the great outdoors, into the room. Instead of a point source of light creating glares, hot spots and shadows, light strips wash a wall, ceiling or the windows with light. They turn anything, such as a shelf or a cabinet, even sculpture into a light.

So next time you need to light up a room, consider Dancing Light Personal Lighting. If you are unsure about using light strips for the first time contact us and we will help you out; we have an office in Montclair, CA.

We are building up our next group order with our suppliers now, to keep everyone’s costs in line. So contact us and we will add your order to the list.

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Shop Dancing Light Personnel Lighting

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Full Illumination or Accents

Light strips can light a whole room efficiently and effectively. Making hard the to reach, bright. But it can also add to the ambiance in unique ways, to fit your mood, to fit your style. Strip lights can be made fully controllable for Smart Lighting, placed almost anywhere in a room and they doesn’t need a fixture. They help you see, without being seen themselves.

The main light strip here is a three foot ling white strip on the fireplace mantle. The other two lights are obviously a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) strip, in the glass floor tiles, plus another RGB. The second light strip is place up and over the curtain. The two RGB light strips can produce almost any color your wish in theory, depending on what type of controller you use. Although their brightness is not as powerful as the a white LED strip, they can produce a subdued white to light the whole room.

The best part is LED lighting in general, as well as using very little energy, produces very little heat. So the room’s temperature is controlled by your smart heating system, not your lighting system.

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Looking for Shared Rainbows

My sister sent me a link about Quarantine Rainbows. So my son and I tried our hands at it. This rainbow can even be seen at night.

Dancing Light Personal Lights and a 4 USB hub did the job. Add a little clear tape and you have a around the clock rainbow.