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Light Where You Need It

Put Lighting Where you Want It!

Light up the whole room evenly, with one thin line.

Visit the Dancing Light Shop to brighten you spaces now.

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Buildings as Living Organisms

I just watched a video of building being demolitions and the 1st person thing that came to mind was Neri Oxman’s, Mediated Matter research.Instead of demolishing buildings and creating scrap piles.

She is researching ways to make buildings biodegradable and building into structures a finite “life” span. Almost like making a structure into a living organism.

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Line of Light

Put light where you need it. I used a 320/meter COB light strip which gives an even light that fills the whole room, much like the sun does during the middle of the day. But without the heat and using only 24 watts.

This light strip is five meters long, so it spreads light throughout the whole room. Yet it doesnโ€™t take up a lot space, is energy efficient, and can be dimmed to suit your needs. The photo shows it when it is dimmed mid brightness, since the room has dark walls and furniture, it appears subdued. I can bring it up to full brightness to make it seem like noon on a sunny day.

Light Dimmed
How this strip was hung.
Close up of the strip.

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CCL Can Help Us Reverse Climate Change

The Cittzens Climate Lobby’s, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2021 can and will help us fix the air we breathe and change for the better, the weather we are altering!

When I looked up the temperature for today, this is what stood out in the forecast; a hazardous weather warning. This extreme and harmful unusual weather is NOT normal. But we CAN change the weather, back to normal.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act places a fee on the carbon produced by outdated and inefficient industries. Then gives it back to the consumer as a regular dividend, with the hope that people will upgrade the homes, appliances and modes of transportation to cleaner options. Simular legislation has worked throughout the world. Plus the added benefit many of these solutions have saved people money.

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Enjoy Earth Day!

With Dancing Light Energy!
Because everyday should be ๐ŸŒŽ Day.

Enjoy Earth Day, splash in a puddle!
Enjoy Earth Day, take the train and ride a bike!
Enjoy Earth Day, let the wild flowers go wild!
Enjoy Earth Day, have fun with energy efficient lighting and appliances!
Enjoy Earth Day, breath some fresh air!
Enjoy Earth Day, be smarter use solar shingles to protect your roof!
Enjoy Earth Day, let Mother Nature’s inspire art!
Enjoy Earth Day, think different, think clean energy!
Enjoy Earth Day, smell the flowers!
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I Hate Daylight Saving Time! But . . .

If the sun doesn’t have to get up, neither do I. But with strategic placement of a light strip, I have a sunrise. It works, I was all the way down the stairs and heading outside before I realized the sun was NOT up.