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LED Wall Pack Light

Exterior Wall Lights

Light up a street, a field, or a parking lot.

LED Shoebox Street Lights

Photocell and shorting cap can be choosing, to meet different lighting requirement.

T3, T5 and other lens can be choosing.

High clarity ADC12 material used for the radiator, with fin structure to increase heat dissipation area.

Arm mounting, yoke mounting and slip fit mounting available.

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Light From the Ground Up

The walls and ceiling in this room are made of cement and a composite material almost as hard as cement, so adding light fixtures is very difficult. So I used a DancingLight LightStrip.

Lighting up a wall to the ceiling, instead of the down to the floor.

About 75% of full brightness. Strip lights put out an even glow, because the hotspot is spread out along it length.
A phone video of dimming in a Dancing LightStrip.

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Light Where You Need It

Put Lighting Where you Want It!

Light up the whole room evenly, with one thin line.

Visit the Dancing Light Shop to brighten you spaces now.

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Buildings as Living Organisms

I just watched a video of building being demolitions and the 1st person thing that came to mind was Neri Oxman’s, Mediated Matter research.Instead of demolishing buildings and creating scrap piles.

She is researching ways to make buildings biodegradable and building into structures a finite “life” span. Almost like making a structure into a living organism.

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Line of Light

Put light where you need it. I used a 320/meter COB light strip which gives an even light that fills the whole room, much like the sun does during the middle of the day. But without the heat and using only 24 watts.

This light strip is five meters long, so it spreads light throughout the whole room. Yet it doesnโ€™t take up a lot space, is energy efficient, and can be dimmed to suit your needs. The photo shows it when it is dimmed mid brightness, since the room has dark walls and furniture, it appears subdued. I can bring it up to full brightness to make it seem like noon on a sunny day.

Light Dimmed
How this strip was hung.
Close up of the strip.